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Hrishabh Digaari

👋 My name is Hrishabh Digaari. I am a Computer Science Senior who juggles his studies and life as a Data Scientist.

📍 I live in India. You will find me Clicking Pictures of Mountains or Riding Horses, or probably Telling stories about my Treks!

💙 I love to write! And More than that I love to Read and Interact with people! (So much that even Covid-19 did not stop me from connecting with people : )

So if you ever want to say Hi! Drop by at:

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Exploring the Limits:

with Spark NLP

It has been a while since I have been exploring NLP with Google’s T5. So I decided to take it a step further. In this article, I give a brief introduction to Google’s T5, address a challenge around its heavy resource requirement and how you can overcome this obstacle using the State of the Art Natural Language Processing library, Spark NLP.

So let’s come to our first question:

Is This Article For Me?

This article is for any researcher, data scientist or student who wants to build a simple, performant & accurate NLP pipeline that scales easily in a distributed environment.

Now I have tried…

Dr Phyto (Design by harsh vardhan singh)

My Journey, My Stories

And How We Became World Rank #1

The NLP Summit, a conference for the fast-growing applied natural language processing community kicked off on 6th October 2020. It was organised by the prestigious John Snow Labs. The themes of each of the four main days of the conference are Trends & Best Practices, Open Source Libraries, NLP in Healthcare, and Conversational AI.

The NLP Summit Program involved over 30 unique sessions and 40 speakers, covering the diversity of use cases, technologies, industries, and organizations where NLP is successfully applied today, from industry leaders including:

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Things I Wish I Had Known:

With Streamlit

So a few weeks back, one of my friends was working on this project for object detection using OpenCV and she was supposed to give it a client-side. She struggled a lot between GET/POST requests and eventually gave up on the project.

We’ve all been there at some point, where we struggled to integrate our ML models to our apps. That was the moment when I realised that many Data Science/ Machine Learning enthusiasts might not be aware of this boon, to the industry, called Streamlit!

So…What is it?

Streamlit is an open-source app framework that helps data scientists and machine learning engineers…

Hrishabh Digaari

A Photographer by Day, Data Science Enthusiast by Night who Runs On Coffee ☕

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